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Another Boredom Result e.e by BladedShard9
Another Boredom Result e.e
:iconreadplz::iconcommentplz: This is so ew but idgaf

found this old sprite :iconinsanity-immersion: made me decades ago originally intended as a revamp for something, I got bored and decided to do something with it since all it does is just sit on my character's timeline now 
XD once again shading and hair making was my enemy

Sooo i have yet to name this guy or make some kind of background. But I think he's gonna be a prairie dog.

Hopefully whatever I decide to sprite after this turns out... better looking e.e
Is it hypocritical if you ask a friend for utilization of their character (sprites), but if they or others ask you, you may feel like you don't want to give them out or feel distrustful?
3 deviants said Kinda
2 deviants said Yes
2 deviants said I feel the same way -3-
1 deviant said Not Really
1 deviant said *comment*
No deviants said No
Good Boy~ Gift from Aroura by BladedShard9
Good Boy~ Gift from Aroura
;W; I love disss! My kohai Aroura drew a gift for meh ;W;
She was worried she drew Neo too big but IDEC its wonderful :hug: TY kohai

Message from Aroura to her watchers: She's nawt dead :heart:

Kojiro "Boomer" and Neo © :iconbladedshard9: (Me)
Art drawn by :iconarourathedragon:
Memory Photo: Happy 1 Year by BladedShard9
Memory Photo: Happy 1 Year
Made by the "Oreo Queen" XD

Due to life, I still haven't finished my own drawing for the date ;-; Im terrible 
Buuut to show ppl im not dead I decided to at least submit something XD

Time sure flies though ;w; :heart:


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Thanks for the fave Boomer, it's greatly appreciated, also how are ya? it's been a while
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Your welcome man, I just love Eclipse and im glad to see someone working on a legitimate sprite sheet of him C:

I'm doing alright, hanging in there. How about you?
DarkOverlordSkull Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2015
same, it's because of the fact that there wasn't a sheet that i decided to step up and make my own, plus it's good practice, especially since there's a lot more i have planed to do with Eclipse than what i had shown in my preview.

That's good to hear, been pretty overall, preparing for my exams at the same as working on my sprites and drawings.
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